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Chief of Police

   Chief of Police Jim Ryan
   p 708-615-6299
   e jryan@forestpark.net





Jim Ryan was appointed as the Forest Park Chief of Police on August 4, 2003. Chief Ryan came to Forest Park after thirty years of service with the Des Plaines Police Department where he retired as the Chief of Police.

The Forest Park Police Department consists of three divisions, operations, investigations and administration. The department is comprised of thirty-nine sworn police officers, six part-time officers, twenty-six auxiliary officers, eight communications operators and seven civilian employees. These employees strive to deliver the most professional services to the residents of Forest Park on a daily basis. The Forest Park Police Department prides itself for the contribution we make toward assuring a high quality of life for its residents, business owners and visitors.

In 2003 the Members of the Forest Park Police Department developed a mission statement for our organization. It reads; “The concern of the Forest Park Police Department is the safety and quality of life within the community. We recognize our obligation to protect constitutional rights, have solutions for issues, plan for the future, and provide leadership to reduce crime. As a dedicated and professional law enforcement organization, we seek partnerships within our community for the prevention of crime and to promote public safety. These ideals are our highest objectives.”

Our mission is to provide a professional community-oriented police service to the residents of Forest Park. The members of the Forest Park Police Department are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality police services to our citizens. We are dedicated to the concept of personal excellence at the highest level, uncompromising integrity, and continuous improvement in order to enhance public safety, protection of life and property, and the reduction of crime and the perceptions of crime. We recognize the importance of developing a partnership with the community in a manner that inspires confidence and trust. The members of the Forest Park Police Department take pride in their professional accomplishments and abilities. This dedication to personal excellence and desire for continuous improvement has resulted in our department evolving into one of the most professional organizations in the Western Suburbs.

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