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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program


Crime-Free Housing Unit

The Crime-Free Housing Unit strives to serve the rental housing community by assisting with the reduction of crime and improving the quality of life for their tenants. This unit combines both proactive and reactive approaches that focus on communication, education, and investigation. By partnering with property owners, managers, tenants, and neighbors of rental properties, the department strives to successfully address the needs of the rental housing community.

Landlord Training Program

The class is taught by police officers from the Crime- Free Housing Unit. Rental property owners and managers will also benefit from this seminar and are welcome to attend.  An array of topics are discussed, which include:

  • Successful criminal and civil applicant screening
  • Benefits of effective crime-free lease addendums
  • Recognition of gang and drug activity
  • Successful civil evictions
  • Legal issues in rental housing

Class Registration

To register call Detective Michael O’Connor (708-615-6254) between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Five Day Notice
Ten Day Notice
Thirty Day Notice
Crime Free Lease Addendum


For more information on the Crime Free Programs, please contact:

Detective Michael O’Connor

Crime Free Housing Division

Forest Park Police Department

517 Desplaines Forest Park, Illinois 60130

Office Phone:  (708) 615-6254

FAX: (708) 366-0565