Call 911 for ANY Police/Fire/Paramedic service, not just for emergencies.

Police Counselor

Presence Behavioral Health operates a police crisis worker program throughout the Proviso Township.

Liz Budde is currently the police crisis worker for Forest Park Police Department. She is physically at the police department every day except Wednesdays. Her hours vary day by day depending on what may be happening at the other departments that she also assists. You can reach her at the department at 708-366-2425 ext. 6460. She can also be reached through the ProCare Crisis Line at 708-681-4357 where she can be paged if you need to reach her. Liz can also be contacted by email at

Liz Budde receives referrals through the Forest Park Police Department in the area of mental health; domestic violence; ungovernable youths and runaways; as well as providing referral/assistance to its senior citizens to name a few.

The purpose of the police crisis worker is to help bring about a change to improve the lives of others in our community.