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A Juvenile Officer is a specialized position within the Forest Park Police Department. This division is part of the Criminal Investigations Division and consists of detectives and officers who work on all youth-related matters. The main responsibility is prevention and control of juvenile delinquency within the Village. This is achieved through the processing and follow-up investigation of all youth-related arrests, and the preparation of youth cases for juvenile court, which also includes being a court liaison with the Cook County States Attorney’s Office . The division is responsible for making referrals to the appropriate outside agencies, which provide services in family and individual youth counseling and crisis intervention. The cases that the Juvenile Division receives are generated through police officers’ every day contacts / arrests, juvenile court, probation department, social agencies, self-referrals, school and parental contacts.

Detectives and Officers in this division are trained in areas such as juvenile law, and a myriad of other programs. In addition, the Juvenile Division also coordinates the Junior Citizens Police academy.