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All sworn police officers have standard police academy training, but the Forest Park Police Department is committed to continuing the training of officers in both mandatory and specialized skills for better service. Officers attend rigorous courses in drug investigation, advanced forensics, communication tactics, and firearms training to prepare them for any and all potential situations.

Police officers serve by enforcing laws, and therefore need to be highly skilled in both past and recent case law to work objectively. Officers attend training in Illinois case law, which directly affects Illinois law enforcement personnel. Officers attending law programs will not only learn about recent rulings, they will also be able to apply these rulings directly to their professional responsibilities and adjust their on-the-job conduct accordingly.

In-service training is conducted at the police department to train officers on issues such as: workplace harassment, Taser certification, excited delirium, use of force issues, defensive tactics, and rapid response.  These practical skill workshops, taught by officers, combine conventional classroom learning with interactive demonstrations.