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Tip Hotline

The Forest Park Police Department depends on the eyes and ears of the residents we serve to identify potential crime hotspots. We appreciate your continued effort towards safety in our neighborhood. Please use this form to complete an online crime report. Your report will be directed in real-time via email to the proper division within the Police Department.

You may submit online reports anonymously as no fields are required other than the description of the report. Within this description, please include:

• As complete a description of the offense as you may recall it happening
• As complete details, characteristics, and attributes of the potential offenders as may recall
• The complete location and/or intersection of where you observed the offense

In lieu of leaving a written message on our website, you can also call our phone-in tip hotline. The telephone number is 708-615-6239. Please leave as much detailed information as possible. If desired, an officer will contact you.  You can also remain anonymous.

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